Past Present Future Dice Set

Encourage positivity and happy family bonding with games that celebrate the joy of togetherness. Our Past, Present, Future Dice Set is three large dice in a wooden crate, each decorated with six uplifting, communication-building questions such as, "Past, I was proud when I; Present, today i learned about; Future an adventure I want to take." This set is easy to store or to leave out as a decoration, and you can take it with you to parties to share with friends. You can give this clever gift as a holiday or anytime gift for strengthening family bonds. We can all benefit from getting to know each other better, no matter our age. Family games are always in style.

  • Size: 2"sq.
  • Inner Pack Size: 4.4"H x2.8"W x7"D
  • Master Carton Size: 10.5"H x7.9"W x9.1"D
  • Materials: wood composite
  • Seasonality: EVERYDAY
  • Sentiment: Past, I wanted a redo when; Past, a favorite memory; Past, a person who inspired me; Past, I was proud when I; Past, I solved a problem when; Past, something that made me happy; Present, tell a joke; present, today i learned about; Present, today I spend time with; Present, what I enjoyed most about today; Present, today I laughed when; Present I am thankful for; Future, An invention I wish I had; Future, something I would like to learn; Future a story I want to watch or read; Future an adventure I want to take; Future, what I hope tomorrow brings; Future, a food I want to try