Private Shopping Event

Options: Reserve Your Shopping Event

 Here are the details:

Minimum 8 people -Maximum 12 people

The Hostess must place a deposit of $50 to hold the space and cover staffing for your event .  In the event the hostess does not have enough guests the event will be cancelled. 

We encourage the Hostess to create an event online and invite us so that we can confirm the number of guests attending to ensure that the minimum number of guests is met. We will gladly provide a graphic for the hostess to use for her online event.

Details of the Party:

The Hostess Perks: 

  • A Personalized Swag Bag
  • 15% off your purchase the evening of the event.
  • 10% of the amount Guests purchase (pretax) at the event in store credit to use later.
  • 10% off  online discount code for out of town guests that will be good the day of and day after your event.
  • Graphics you can use to promote your event.

The Guest Perks:      

  • All guests in attendance will receive 10% off their purchase at the event.
  • A discount code to reduce their deposit if they host their own shopping event in the future.

No outside food or drink may be brought in for this event with exception of wine or champagne. If you do not choose an option below we will open the store for your event without refreshments being supplied.

Food Package Options:

*All packages come with: Iced tea or Soda (2-3) 2 liters (specify flavors), and bottled water.  

Celebration Package $80*-includes small cake or cupcakes (specify flavor). Includes $50 deposit.

Moonlight Mingle $125* - Pinwheels or finger sandwiches, chips and dip, dessert platter. Includes $50 deposit

Retail Therapy $150* - Charcuterie board and dessert platter Includes $50 deposit

If there are any food allergies please let us know.

How to book:

  • Choose which party you would like to purchase from the list below.  If you choose a package with food the price includes the $50 (non refundable) deposit to confirm your party.
  • We will reach out to you via email to discuss the details for your party. 
  • All parties will take place after regular business hours, usually from 6PM-8PM.

If you have any special request or questions please reach out to us via email at


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